Overarching goal

The overarching goal of SPPED is to develop students’ intelligence and skills and broaden their outlook to make them useful to Ghana and the world.


To educate 21st Century thinkers, leaders, researchers, and to produce quality graduates through technology-based teaching and learning, impactful knowledge acquisition and sharing, partnership with academia and industry, and global networking with international universities.

Human Resource

We provide a uniform human resource which assists head of departments to implement sound management practices and promote effective communication among students.

Time management

We help our students to plan and exercise conscious control of their time to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. This effort supports our students to always get it right and work smarter by prioritizing their task to complete their projects and achieve their academic goals and objectives.


We make sure there is efficient coordination of annual work plans of all departments in line with strategic plans of the school.


Enlightening the Nation

Excellence,  Humanism, Tolerance, Creativity and Equity are our trademark for success.


The School of Public Policy and Entrepreneurship Development (SPPED) has been established to provide additional options and opportunities to potential applicants who wish to pursue their dreams of achieving academic and professional laurels through quality University education. SPPED also aims at contributing to the effort of government to build human capital at the tertiary education level for continuous development of the country.


We work in coordination with all the major departments, developing first class solutions for our students.

The School of Public Policy and Entrepreneurship Development is committed to pursuing a quality culture that provides opportunities for all members of the School.

All students shall uphold high moral and ethical values with the highest standards of integrity, personal discipline and morality and such additional values as stipulated in the Code of Conduct of the School.

Human resource and personnel policies of the School seek to provide a uniform system of human resource administration to assist students, Faculty and Staff.

A member of staff shall not divulge secret privileged information to a third party including limited or restricted information.

The School provides quality information resources and services for teaching, learning and research activities of the school in accordance with its approved strategic plan

There shall be ‘zero tolerance’ in the implementation of this policy to ensure respectful work place, trust and congenial environment for academic work to thrive on and off campus