About Us II


Providing additional opportunities and options to
potential applicants who wish to pursue their dreams
of achieving academic and professional laurels
through quality university education.

To become a lead tertiary training and research institution to educate 21st century thinkers and leaders for Africa and the world.

To educate 21st Century thinkers, leaders, researchers, and to produce quality graduates through technology-based teaching and learning, impactful knowledge acquisition and sharing, partnership with academia and industry, and global networking with international universities.  

  • Humanism – search for innovative ways of reducing poverty and deprivation in Ghana and beyond through practical research, social works and community development activities;
  • Tolerance – teach and ensure the virtue of diverse points of view while establishing one’s beliefs with clarity and conviction;
  • Creativity and innovation – encourage teaching, learning and research freedoms that allow students and lecturers to deep dive into challenging development themes including entrepreneurial acumen, social laws and political economy of development situations;
  • Equity – Equality in recruitment and enrollment irrespective of race, color, tribe, religion, gender and social status;
  • Excellence – constantly aspire for the best way to attain the pinnacle of knowledge and learning; and
  • Integrity – Develop future leaders embedded with all round high quality of honesty founded on strong moral principles and uprightness.
  • (i)                  To admit, retain and graduate students who will contribute to the socio-economic development of Ghana and the global  community;

    (ii)                To improve academic quality through promotion of a climate of intellectual excellence in the delivery of high-quality training programs;

    (iii)              To increase academic and operational efficiency through strategic reduction of cost of programs and services;

    (iv)              To promote a culture of community service engagement outreach and support as part of research and corporate social responsibility;

    (v)                To provide excellent infrastructure, operational environment and facilities for extra-curricular activities to meet the needs of students and faculty; and

    (vi)              To expand educational opportunities for less privileged but brilliant people in communities.

Fees payment policy is flexible and provides convenient fee payment schedule for students.

Adequate accommodation is available at MIUC hostel for interested students. Students are required to apply for accommodation by visiting the MIUC website and filling the Application Form.