Our overarching goal is to develop students intelligence and skill and broaden their outlook to make them useful to the country

Our mission is to achieve quality research and teaching, promote excellency, develop innovative ideas, produce skilled individuals and promote co-curricular activities

We provide a uniform human resource which assists head of departments to implement sound management practices and promote effective communication among students

We make sure there is efficient coordination of annual work plans of all departments in line with strategic plans of the school

Excellency,  Humanism, Tolerance, Creativity and Equity are our trademark for success.

The School of Public Policy and Entrepreneurship Development (SPPED) has been established to provide additional options and opportunities to potential applicants who wish to pursue their dreams of achieving academic and professional laurels through quality education. SPPED also aims at contributing to the effort of government to build human capital for continuous development of the country. 

    SPPED as a premier provider of high-quality programs will increase opportunities for the diverse student population by offering flexible and innovative instruction on policy and entrepreneurship via technology to meet the changing political, economic and social needs of society.


    P.O. Box AN 19700, Accra North, Ghana


    +233244539031 / +233500410043
    +233(0) 302 957741 / 0302 957743




    West Hills City, Near West Hills Mall
    Municipality: Ga South, Accra